So as some people might know I am A DJ. M80 to be exact 🙂

But yea I’ve been getting around the Southbay slowly but playing the hottest House/Electro tracks out there, I’ll soon branch out into different areas. And (hopefully) start producing my own tracks! Here are a couple of pics of parties I’ve done. You could check out my mixes here on soundcloud and my facebook links below. 🙂


I’m repping Matafied to the fullest, THREE-ONE-OH ya heard!!!

-Jon Matafied


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So today I dropped my Blackberry. I go to pick it up and what do you know? My screen is totally cracked!Now I’m phone-less for the day. Other than that some dope designs are in the works!

Be thankful for your phone- Josh Matafied



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No more lagging….WE’RE BACK!!!!

Our Spring line is in the works. Prepare for some dope shit ladies and gentlemen!

Stay posted for upcoming pictures, events and maybe possible modeling opportunities!

Other than that have a blessed day. Click the link below to enjoy the legendary

Supernatural blessing our ears with a dope ass beat and an off the top freestyle!

Real Hip-Hop isn’t dead!

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